322 London Road Slough SL3 7HU
24/7 Hours Service
322 London Road Slough SL3 7HU
24/7 Hours Service
25 Feb, 2022
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Trusted Domestic and Industrial Electrician Services:

We are dedicated to providing emergency electrician services for minor to major electrical emergencies.

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Are You Looking for Qualified Electrician in Slough?

SK Electrical Works offers a group of skilled and insured professionals that can repair any sort of electrical problem in your Slough home or business. We can help, whether you want same-day emergency assistance or contemplating new home renovations.

SK Electrical Works technicians are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with their dependable services at affordable costs.

SK Electrical Works Offers Safety Approved Electricians!

SK Electrical Works takes pleasure in providing safe electrical services at these important moments. We assure that our services are completely safe and dependable, and our professionals follow the COVID-19 principles to keep our clients protected. To provide a safe service to our clients, our personnel clean their equipment and materials before visiting a client, and they wear gloves and masks.

We appreciate you and your valuable time, thus our electrician in Slough will not keep you waiting and will arrive at your location prepared to deal with your issue.

About SK Electrical Works

With our hectic lifestyles, it can be difficult to locate a reliable and nearby Emergency electrician Slough. SK Electrical Work has over two years of expertise servicing the Slough region and the neighbouring Buckinghamshire districts.

Whenever it concerns to electrical issues or crises in Slough, you need to call a NICEIC-certified experienced electrician. Our team includes highly skilled engineers and professional electricians has handled a wide range of situations.

Our team includes highly skilled engineers and professional electricians has handled a wide range of situations.


Our Services

Power failures or electrical device malfunctions can occur at any time. So, if you do have an emergency electrical problem, we are almost a phone call away. No matter how early it is, you still can depend on us to dispatch someone to your house within a minute.

Would you still have such old fuse box lying around? If you ever do, you should carefully consider updating your home's electrics by adding a consumer unit. SK Electrical Works have an expert electrical contractors slough that can assist you whenever you need it.

Wiring and Rewiring

An electrical rewiring modifies some or all of a building's electrical wiring to maintain safety and to prevent harmful risks such as defective wiring. When such flaws go undiscovered, they can cause structural damage or fires, especially in older buildings. An electrical rewiring will bring your building up to speed with today's regulations, enhancing your safety and perhaps giving you with more and better-located electrical sockets.

If you reside in an existing house that hasn't had any electrical improvements, there's a high possibility you'll need to have the entire house rewired. Although it may be a costly and time procedure, a full home rewire will repay you with enhanced safety, economy, and resale.

Electrical Fault finding & repairs:

To locate electrical problems, you will require a basic understanding of electrical fault identification. Some flaws or defects are caused by electrical issues, necessitating electrical troubleshooting. When tracing and repairing defects, keep in mind that electrical issues might develop from one of the three sources listed below. *Short circuit, *Open circuit, *Continuity test

It is critical to choose the best electric repair service. You can hire anybody that claims to be able to execute the job. You should always select a professional who can offer you with the greatest electric repair service. Any errors in electrical repairs might cost you additional money and, most importantly, cause further issues. So be sure to locate the greatest electrician in your area.


Home and Security Alarm Services

If you require a home security system, you now have the option of hiring a professional installer or performing your own home security installation. Either in that case, you should create a zone list such that you know precisely what home security equipment you want deployed. You must therefore know whether you want your alarm system tracked to ensure that a security installation firm will check it with you after implementation.

As per data, defective wiring is the leading cause of residential fires, according with Defence Fire and Rescue. Be sure your house is secure, and in the event of an electrical emergency, always call a professional. Make contact with the greatest electrical contractor in UK right away.

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